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Our aim is to provide the best possible standard of service. However, we are aware that things can go wrong leading to a patient feeling that they have a valid and realistic reason to complain. We would always try to settle the matter in a quick, easy and friendly ways.

 Complaints Procedure

  • Complaints initially can be made verbally, by email or by writing to us.
  • Complaints should only be discussed with staff member of Onyx London Clinic. Reception staff of the premises are not staff of Onyx London clinic and they will not get involved or discuss or convey any type of complaints.
  • Complaints must be made within 12 months from the incident that caused the problem; or within 12 months of finding out that you have a problem.
  • Our staff will try to resolve the issue in a quick, easy and friendly ways to the satisfaction of the complainant if that is within their and realm of responsibility or involve another colleague or more senior staff member.
  • If your problem can not be sorted out in that way and you wish to make a formal complaint, please let us know by sending an email or writing to us. Please use our contact details on our website.
  • The complaint can be made by the patient or their representatives. Please note that if you are complaining on behalf of an adult patient, you need to provide a consent form that is signed by the patient. Onyx London clinic preserves the right to check with the patient the authentication of their signature and consent before proceeding with the complaint procedure.
  • When a complaint is made on behalf of a patient (including children), Onyx London clinic must be satisfied that there are reasonable grounds for the complaint being made by the complainant rather than the patient (including children). Onyx London Clinic must also be satisfied that the complaint is being made in the best interests of the patient (including children). If Onyx London Clinic is not satisfied that this is the case, written notification of this decision must be sent to the complainant.
  • Once a complaint has been received in writing or email, the practice will send a form of acknowledgement to the complainant within three working days of the complaints being received. The acknowledgement does not need to address any of the issues relating to the details of the complaints itself: if is to inform the complainant that the matter will be investigated. The acknowledgment will be made in writing format or by email.
  • The complainant will be given the opportunity to discuss their complaints either by telephone or in person. It is important to establish, at the earliest opportunity, what outcome the complainant expect and to let the complainant know whether this is a realists and possible expectation.
  • Onyx London Clinic will fully investigate the matter by finding out what happened and what went wrong, why and how it happened, how can this be prevented in future, learning point to improve our service and make sure you receive an apology when it is appropriate.
  • We aim to respond to you with the results of our investigation and resolve the matter within 30 days of receiving the formal complaint. However, some cases can take longer than that. If we expect this would be the case, we would inform you and explain the reasons.
  • If you remain dissatisfied with the outcome and your problem can not be resolved by the practice, you may refer the matter to: The Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman (PHSO), Millbank Tower, Millbank, London SW1P 4QP Tel: 0345 015 4033,